Become a WildEarth Explorer and help us to continue sharing nature with the world

More and more of us are losing our connection with nature and this has an overall negative impact on our general well-being. The current COVID-19 pandemic is making it even more difficult for many of us to get out into the wild, or even out of our homes at all. WildEarth is here to reduce people’s stress and anxiety, by providing a unique opportunity to escape into nature, even if just for a few hours a day. 

Our new WildEarth Explorers programme is aimed at bringing like-minded people together in support of our sharing real and authentic nature with the world.

This programme allows you to support WildEarth on a monthly basis while receiving various benefits such as the opportunity to win fantastic travel prizes, the ability to keep track of your sightings with our upcoming Animal Identification app, as well as early access to new WildEarth merchandise, Expeditions and so much more.

Please help us connect people with nature by becoming a WildEarth Explorer.

WildEarth Explorer Benefits

Travel and other prizes

There will be regular opportunities for WildEarth Explorers to win fantastic prizes. Until October 15th, 2021, the prize is a fantastic three-day, two-night Ecotraining experience for two at their based on Pridelands. The prize is inclusive of all meals, teas and coffees and includes joining a course and a meet-up with the WildEarth crew on-site.

Click on the image to find out more, or read the Terms and Conditions here.

This prize is available to Explorers from around the world.

Monthly Fireside Chats

At least once a month, a topic relating to our safaris, the reserves we operate in, or conservation will be discussed in a fireside setting by experts in the field. These chats will be accessible to WildEarth Explorers only. Our guides will, of course, feature regularly, but expect other interesting speakers as well. The format for these chats will be loose and relaxed, and they will include, the chance to ask questions. 

A weekly newsletter

As a WildEarth Explorer, you will receive a weekly newsletter in your inbox with highlights from the past week which will enable you to catch up with your favourite animal characters. The newsletter will also contain regular behind the scenes information and a game to challenge your nature knowledge.

Animal identification and listing app

WE are currently developing an animal identification app which will allow WildEarth Explorers to identify the animals they see on WildEarth and keep a life list of everything you have seen. The app will keep track of everything you’ve seen and if you are a dedicated viewer who actively IDs animals you will find yourself on the leaderboard, winning badges and much more. If you join our Explorers Programme now, you can help us beta test this app before its official launch.

Special offers for Explorers only

Be a guest on a LIVE WildEarth safari

For a once-off contribution of $399 (approx. EUR340, GBP300, ZAR6,200), you can secure one of a limited number of opportunities to sit next to one of our guides on a LIVE safari. Your ‘ticket to dream’ can be redeemed at any time in the future, as well as transferred to a friend or family member. Click on the image for more details and start dreaming! 100% of all proceeds goes towards keeping our daily safaris going.

Your name on our vehicle

In return for a single $199 (approx. EUR 170, GBP150, ZAR3,100) contribution, we will put a plaque with your name (or a designated friend’s one) on one of our vehicles at Djuma. This will let you be present in spirit whenever we go out on one of our safaris. 

Space on our vehicles is limited, so click on the image for more info!

Explorer merchandise

Explorers will have the opportunity to buy special Explorer and other WildEarth merchandise for themselves or as presents for their loved ones. We are currently creating a special Christmas pop-up shop to launch in early December which will have a variety of WE and Explorer branded goodies.

Become a WildEarth Explorer and be part of our mission to connect people with nature!

Over the past year, WildEarth’s situation has been slowly improving and the recent launch of the WildEarth channel has generated both broad interest and a couple of initial carriage agreements in South Africa and the UK. We expect these and other agreements to start bringing in more revenue from the second quarter of 2021. Until we get there, we do still rely on support from people like you to help us pay our bills.

Becoming a WildEarth Explorer from as little as $5.99 per month (~EUR4.99, ~GBP4.50, ~ZAR95) will help us get there. However, if you can afford to support us with more, we hope that you will consider doing so. 100% of the money from Explorer subscriptions will go to keeping our daily LIVE broadcasts going.

It is now easier than ever to become a WildEarth Explorer! In addition to paying via PayPal, credit card as before, you can now also pay through a bank transfer to our accounts in South Africa or the Netherlands.

For those who do not want to set up a monthly recurring payment, we’ve created the option to take out a one-time six-month or one-year membership that does not auto-renew.

Finally, if you want to give someone else an Explorer membership as a present, that is also possible now.

Besides the regular benefits that Explorers get each month, we will regularly offer various special opportunities that are available to Explorers only.

To celebrate the launch of the program, we offer Explorers the opportunity to secure their own ‘Ticket to Dream’, the chance to have their name on one of our Djuma vehicles and access to a special Explorers merchandise shop in December.

Once you’ve subscribed to the Explorer program, go to to find out how to get your ticket or vehicle spot.

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